Clinical Trials

Clinical trials will be starting mid 2017

The company is considering initial clinical trials in:

Desmoid Tumors

Desmoids are a rare orphan tumor which, now that deep sequencing has been done on these tumors, appears to be solely caused by mutations in the beta catenin gene, CTNNB1, leading directly to aberrant nuclear beta catenin. Tegatrabetan would appear to be an agent with a strong chance of being therapeutic in this malignancy.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

AML is a complicated disease with many potential dis-regulations. It appears that leukemic stem cells often rely on dis-regulated beta catenin to promote their viability. Therefore, we believe in combination,  Tegatrabetan should be a viable therapy to extent significant benefit in AML where nuclear beta catenin is supporting leukemic stem cells.


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