Wnt/Beta Catenin

Our Lead drug is Tegatrabetan (Vivint from Latin for “to live”).  Tegatrabetan inhibits the Wnt pathway leveraged by most tumors to gain stem cell-like attributes. By harnessing a protein called beta catenin, aberrant Wnt pathway activation causes tumors to lose phenotypes targeted by traditional therapeutics and by the body’s own immune system. Aberrant beta catenin also provokes tumors to more aggressively invade nearby tissue and metastasize to distal organs. Thus, Wnt/beta catenin is an escape/resistance pathway to many of the most effective cancer therapeutics utilized in medical practice today (i.e. immune-oncology agents, targeted agents, and chemotherapy).

While the greatest potential for Tegatrabetan is in combination with other cancer therapies, there are also several single-agent, accelerated approval possibilities for fast development of the drug. Tegatrabetan should be an important answer for desmoid tumors, an invasive and potentially deadly orphan cancer relying almost exclusively on Wnt, and in osteosarcoma, where the drug has exhibited extremely potent activity in pre-clinical studies against the lung metastases which are typically the deadly event in osteosarcoma.

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